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FACT: I have always appreciated vintage keys. It’s a thing. There’s character, charm and a story behind each key you hold. I came across this pretty little thing while I was going through a purse I haven’t used in months. Nostalgia sets in. This was purchased somewhere on the streets of Boston during a transition in my life, soul searching. I felt lost and wasn’t sure where my career was headed. Fast forward to today, my small creative services business is blossoming at the perfect pace. This art piece is a reflection of growth, blossoming. ⁣⁣


This piece is part of a series called DARE YOU YOU TO MOVE. It is all about movement. Allowing what is in front of you or what is in store for you and your future, allow it to simply move you. 

All created in the month of August 2019. I focused mainly on different shades of colours recommended by my followers and creative tribe on my social media platforms. 



Original, hand made mixed media on 140lb cold pressed watercolor paper

Signature on back