On September 1st I started a project on my Instagram @marielourdesboutique.

The meaning behind this project will be individually expressed on paper in the next thirty days.  


Here’s what I wrote on today’s post. 



Title: she’s healing everyday


If you have been following my IG stories, you probably have noticed that I have been incorporating an abundance of green juices, fresh fruits and veggies more than usual. I was introduced to Anthony William who is known as the Medical Medium. Google him, listen to his podcasts, read his material or better yet, follow him on social media @medicalmedium because he’s absolutely brilliant. And because everything just makes sense. And so does drinking 16oz of celery juice. I am currently reading his Thyroid Healing book as my body has experienced some major changes in the past year. I noticed a lump in my neck. Fear and concern worked overtime which affected my day to day routine. I distanced myself by putting things, even people, around me on pause. I just wasn’t ready to share my story. I needed to make a shift. I focused on healing me first. Designing and painting, meditation and listening to my body are all forms of self love + therapy. I was then seen by multiple doctors before turning thirty-seven in August. I was internally fighting with myself, figuring my life out and the why now’s and what now. The mind is so powerful. My results from my ultrasound came back. I have issues. Thyroid issues. My endocrinologist showed me a diagram of what a normal thyroid is vs. one with Hashimoto’s. Guess which one he pointed to? The diagnosis: an enlarged multinodular thyroid. A CAT scan and biopsy are scheduled to rule out the unknown when I return from vacation. I have been educating myself on what my next steps are as I was given a few options and getting my questions answered has provided peace of mind. Because, proactive. This journey has been life changing. I am embracing every moment. I am mindful and at peace. It’s not all in my head. It’s not over. It’s only the beginning. I am healing. You are healing.

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